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Apr 06, 2017

Earth Day

First held in 1970, Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Now coordinated by the Earth Day Network, events are held annually in more than 193 countries! Below you will find some ideas to inspire your own Earth Day celebrations.

How YOU Can Make an Impact
• Plant Wildflowers – Bring nature into your life with plants that attract bees
• Turn Off Lights – Save energy and extend the life of your bulbs
• Recycle at Home – Set up a conveniently located container for recyclables in your apartment
• Run Full Cycles – Fill up your washer and dishwasher completely before running
• Reusable...

Mar 03, 2017

Parade Day is Here Again!

We can almost hear the pipe bands now! Join us Saturday morning March 4th from 11-1 in the lobby! We will have free snacks for all of our residents to get you fueled up for your favorite Binghamton tradition. Dress warm and stay safe! We hope you all have a great time!

Feb 03, 2017

Start the Semester Strong!

It’s still early in the semester! Start it off right by following these tips:
• Set Goals
• Read the Syllabus! You will know ahead of time what to study so you can be prepared for lectures.
• Don’t skip class. This might sound obvious, but it’s so easy to sleep in instead of going to class. Don’t do it!
• Leave time to relax! You need time to de-stress, so make sure you leave time in your schedule.
• Exercise. Exercise gives you energy and puts you in a better mood. Why not take some time to use the gym here at University Lofts?

Check out the full list and tips here:...